Karla Guimarães

As an editor with a great passion for telling stories my crafting strengths are creative approaches with clear narrative (dramatic, informative and entertaining) matching the genre I am working with and to know how to best develop a sense of rhythm, timing and visual awareness in order to tell compelling stories using Avid. 

Experience working on a wide variety of genres and lengths from documentaries to dramas in several countries has provided valuable experience to be flexible and fast to adapt to the necessity of the production.



The Diana Clone

Feature Film
  • Directed by Jason Ritchie Cast: Samuel Clemens,Serjio Serjio, Anna Leong Brophy, Michelle Lee and Ivan Marevich
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Since 2011 I have been part of the Guild of British Film & TV.



Luck is a rare thing at Monte Castello

In addition to editing this WW2 film I also worked as DIT and Set Producer.



Non UK Work

  • Film Projects, USA
  • Short Film in Spain
  • Edited Promos in Serbia for RTV Pink
  • Developed my experience in Brazil as editor for Rede Globo Television and Film companies that include Skylight, Rob Films, Rio Films and Colombia Tri-Star Pictures- Brazil.

" Karla proved herself to be a dedicated and technicaly skilled person, who fully devoted her time and artistic energy toward the project, going over and above the call of duty as Editor to provide cover as DIT and Set Producer on location. "